Choosing the right wine storage for you

Issue: Nov 2022

Choosing the right wine storage for you

Did you just buy cases of your favourite wine to age, only to find that you don’t know where you’ll store it? Or perhaps you enjoy wine with every meal and are unsure where to put it in the meantime. Should you keep it at home, in a wine fridge, or look for a dedicated wine storage facility? There are pros and cons for all methods, depending on your consumption habits, the reason you’re acquiring wine, and the storage allowance in your home. As fellow wine lovers, we have done the research to help you find the right solution for you.

First, let's go over the basics of wine storage:

  • Temperature - This will depend on the type of wine, and we recommend you contact the vineyard or consult the label for specific instructions, but generally wine should be stored at 10 to 15℃;
  • Humidity - High or low humidity (or fluctuating humidity) can cause the wine cork to swell or shrink, and this means that air can get into the wine and oxidise it, leading to lower quality;
  • Lighting - Wines should be kept in a dark place, as light can prematurely age them and diminish their quality;
  • Horizontal storage - Typically wines should be kept on their sides rather than upright to keep the cork moist and prevent it from drying out;
  • Vibration - Excessive vibrations can disrupt the sediment and also cause chemical reactions that affect the taste of wine.

Regular fridge

We all have one of these in our homes, and it certainly seems the most convenient place to store our wine. Regular fridges are designed to keep food cold and dry to maintain its integrity, so it removes humidity and is generally set at around 1 to 3℃, so a little too cold to allow wine to mature or keep its quality. One trick is to add a cup of water to your fridge to improve humidity levels, but it can be very hit-or-miss. If you have a tendency to enjoy pungent foods, the delicious odours can unfortunately influence the taste of wine. Finally, fridges have motors that work hard to keep them cold, and the vibrations from this can disrupt the flavour of wine. So, a regular fridge is generally fine for wine storage for a very short period and is suitable for wine you are going to consume within that time, but for longer storage, it's better to explore other options.

Wine fridge

Another idea is to purchase an at-home wine fridge, which will keep your wines in optimum conditions for storing them - no pungent flavours, the correct temperature, and ideal humidity levels. But there are some considerations as these are a heavy financial investment and will become a permanent fixture in your home. First, ask yourself ‘where would I put it?’ There are all kinds of options - stand-alone, built-in and under counter, and compact - but these will need a power supply and sometimes a rearrangement of your space. Additionally, if you decide to buy multiple cases of your favourite wine, you’re limited with the space within the wine fridge that you chose and it might not all fit in. Depending on the amount of space you can spare and how much you are willing to spend, though, this could be a good choice for those who would like to keep a small stock of wines at home to accompany your dinner.

Dedicated wine storage

Dedicated wine storage

An alternative is to seek external wine storage that has been specifically created for these purposes. These facilities are usually built to ensure that they have the best conditions for storing and ageing wine. For example, Winebanc considers every aspect of our wine cellars, which includes maintaining a constant temperature at 13℃ and humidity levels at 65% to 75%, as well as lighting and anti-vibration storage on top of its stylish interior design.

Moreover, dedicated wine storage comes with added conveniences. If you have ordered wine from a retailer you can have the cases delivered straight to Winebanc at any time, instead of your home. The delivery will be kept in a smart locker, which you can access and collect at your convenience and transfer into your personal locker. Also, flexible storage terms mean that you can size up or down according to your needs, so you can feel free to expand your collection and buy up your favourites! Whatsmore, your collection is kept securely with individual pin access and 24/7 surveillance for peace of mind, and additionally wine insurance is available.

If you do opt for dedicated wine storage, Winebanc has private, exclusive, and minimalistic yet elegant wine cellars in various sizes, with 24/7 customer access across 3 locations conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. Visit us at or contact us at 6955 9788 to start your very own wine collection today!