Tips on storing your wine the right way

Issue: Mar 2022

Tips on storing your wine the right way

Wine is a drink that symbolises luxury. Different wine options include red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines. For centuries, it has been a drink that people across different cultures like to indulge in and many of us still regard wine as a symbol of wealth, luxury and high social status to this day.

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Having said that, wine is a beverage that is susceptible to fluctuations in its storage environment. Numerous wine connoisseurs are perpetually finding it tricky to properly store wine at home in an environment that tends to be hot and humid. It is also a challenge for many people to find sufficient storage space at home for their wine and ensure that the wine is being kept in optimal conditions that will maintain the quality and taste of it. In this article, we will touch on how wine can be properly stored so that its taste, characteristics and worth will remain the same as time goes by, which in turn maintains or brings up the value of your investment.

Wine Storage Unit

1. Ensure that wine is being kept away from direct sunlight and within a dry and dark storage area

The ideal storage area in which wine is kept should be dry and dark, ensuring that any direct light, including natural sunlight and fluorescent light, is avoided. Light is detrimental to wine as it can cause it to age prematurely through altering its taste and characteristics. Another good reason that a dark and dry environment makes the best storage space for wine is that it helps to preserve its taste while also slowing down the deterioration of the corks.

2. Refrain from storing wine and other items or food that are pungent

When putting wine away for storage, it should be kept away from food or items that have a strong smell as wine bottle corks tend to be porous, allowing air and odours to get into the bottles, which could adversely affect the wine. The storage space’s surroundings ought to be as neutral as possible since wine can absorb the odours that pervade the air. This means that the odours can alter not just the wine’s taste but also its characteristics.

3. Temperatures and humidity levels should be optimal where wine is being stored

Finally, the environment in which wine is stored should have optimal climate-controlled temperatures with steady humidity levels. If wine is stored in an area where its subject to unsteady temperatures, its bottle cork may swell or shrink, causing air to enter the bottle and likely ruin the wine or even cause the wine to flow out of the bottle.

The temperatures in the wine storage area should be kept between 10°C and 15°C. It would be ideal if it could be stored in an environment that has a humidity level of approximately 70%. This is because extremely low humidity levels can dry out the wine bottle corks, letting air get into the wine bottle. Once air enters the wine bottle, oxidisation occurs, spoiling and stripping away the value of the wine.

A wine chiller or wine fridge is the ultimate solution for this. The installation of these appliances can be done anywhere in the house and will keep the wine within its optimal parameters which is much needed in Singapore where we experience a hot and humid climate that is not at all beneficial to the wine that is being stored.

You can now store your wine properly by putting the tips to good use

Wine Storage Unit

In a country like Singapore, storing wine at home has proved to be a challenging and costly task as it is difficult to ensure that it is kept in optimal conditions. Even though wine fridges are a good wine storage solution, they can be quite unaffordable and require a lot of space. - This is especially the case if you happen to be an avid collector or connoisseur who owns quite a few bottles of wine! On top of that, having to leave the wine fridge running all day and every day can result in expensive electricity bills due to the additional consumption.

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