Wine storage for businesses

Issue: Feb 2023

Wine storage for businesses

Singapore has a bustling hospitality industry, serving locals and tourists, including everything from Michelin Star restaurants to the world-renowned Singaporean hawkers giving a taste of local treats to the latest hotspots for cocktails. As the popularity of wine takes off in Singapore, adding it to the menu helps to enrich your offering and drive clientele to your business.

With your network of distribution contacts, buying in bulk for a good deal makes sense by bringing the cost per bottle down - but storage can be a challenge. Wine can also be seen as an investment - high-cost and rare wines can be sold for a much higher price point, boosting profits. Storing these wines correctly is imperative to maintaining their value.

Whether fully established or just starting out, there are many reasons why using dedicated external storage to keep your wine.

1. Space

When planning the arrangement of your bar or restaurant, there are many factors to consider, from where to put the bar to how many tables there will be. The layout of the establishment can heavily impact the customer experience, as well as building regulations. Utilising the space efficiently provides more room to incorporate extra features, such as bigger bathrooms, further bar seating, additional tables or showpieces to create an ambience. By keeping your wine offsite, you can use the space for what you really need.

2. Flexibility

Whether you want to move locations or renovate, having offsite dedicated wine storage allows you to make changes to your business without worrying about spoiling or damaging the wine. Keeping wine in one of our dedicated wine storage facilities allows you to increase your wine offering; if you wish to stock up on your most popular wines and need to size up your storage, Winebanc makes it easy.

3. Reliability

Keeping your wine in a dedicated wine storage facility ensures that your stock will be kept at the optimum conditions until it’s time to replenish your bar. Whether buying in a large volume or obtaining some special-edition wines

If you have limited space in your bar or restaurant or a small wine fridge, the rest of your stock may need to be kept in a spare room or under the bar, which could diminish its quality. Our facilities are designed specifically for wine storage keeping in mind humidity, temperature, lighting and other factors, and with no fluctuations in conditions, you can be sure that your stock is at its very best and ready for your patrons.

4. Secure

Wines are an integral part of your business and it's a good idea to safeguard them from damage and theft. Accessing wine chillers within the Winebanc facilities requires an individual PIN code, so only those with the PIN can enter. The facilities are also monitored 24/7 using recorded CCTV surveillance for absolute peace of mind. Wine insurance is also available.

For businesses, we recommend our facility in Kallang for storage - it has medium (fits 55 to 100 cases), large (fits 101 to 199 cases), and extra large (fits more than 200 cases), so there are plenty of options for wine storage for your needs, business size and budget. Kallang also has a wine tasting room, which you could use for distributor meetings and sampling.

We also have facilities in Delta House and Toa Payoh with a variety of locker sizes available for whatever your wine storage needs are.

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